November 19-23

Tuesday, November 27
Junior High/High School Basketball @ Medford 4:00 pm
Tutoring for grades 7-12 @Aline 3:30 pm-5:30 pm

Wednesday, November 28
Tutoring for grades 7-12 @Aline 3:30 pm-5:30 pm

Thursday, November 29
Elementary/Junior High Basketball @ Fargo 4:00 pm
Tutoring for grades 7-12 @Aline 3:30 pm-5:30 pm

Friday, November 30
High School Basketball @ Taloga 6:30pm

CONGRATULATIONS! Aline- Cleo Elementary students are learning about and working on
character components and each month will be a  new character component.  The month of
October was “Trustworthy” and the following students received awards.  Pre K – Mackenzie
 Oakes, Kindergarten – Carson O’Neil, First Grade – Talynn Roundtree, Second Grade –
Emily Ramey, Third Grade – Hope Boeckman, Fourth Grade – Cooper Schlup, Fifth Grade –
Morgan Vickers,  and Sixth Grade – Carly Hamen.  Way to go Cougars!

Attention Parent/Guardian!!! On November 5, 2018, after school pickup changed in light of some safety issues. With keeping our student’s safety in mind, we ask that you line up in a single file line in the circle drive way. Your child will be loaded one at a time into your car at the end of the walkway from the front door. The students that walk will be dismissed from the east door into the alley way, not through the front door. All bus students will still be dismissed from the playground parking lot. We hope this will relieve some of the congestion and chaos that ensues at the end of the school day and will keep everyone safe.


Lunch Prices are as follows.
Elementary Student:     Breakfast: $1.60     Lunch: $3.00
High School Student:     Breakfast: $1.60    Lunch: $3.00
Reduced Students:     Breakfast: $0.30     Lunch: $ 0.40
Staff:     Breakfast: $2.50     Lunch: $ 4.25
Adult Guest:     Breakfast: $4.50     Lunch: $ 4.50
Milk: $0.50


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