Friday, February 22
Local Stock Show Judging

Saturday, February 23
Local Stock Show Judging

Sunday, February 24
Major County Stock Show

Monday, February 25
Major County Stock Show

Tuesday, February 26
Major County Stock Show

Attention Parents/Guardians Due to some issues with our All Call system, not everyone is receiving our robocalls. All school closings and or scheduling changes can be found on our Facebook Page.  Be sure to Like Aline-Cleo Public School on Facebook to stay updated.  School Closures are also called in to the Local TV stations as well.

Attention   Aline Cleo Elementary School Students have access to educational programs called Moby Max, and Renaissance Learning, an accelerated reader program. Aline Cleo High School Students have access to IXL a math program.These programs should help your child to build fundamental skills that will help with their end of the year state test scores.  Each child should have their user name and password to access the sites at home.  If you have any questions or would like some training on how to help your student access the website and excel, please contact the school 580-438-2330 or 580-463-2255.

PowerSchool Parent Portal/App All students, 1st through 12th grade, progress reports can accessed through the PowerSchool Parent
Portal link which is located on our school website alinecleo.k12.ok.us or you can download the app to your smart phone and get live notifications when new grades are being put in.  For Login information please contact the office at 580-438-2330 or 580-463-2255.

Aline-Cleo Public Schools Homeless Liaison, Barry Nault, Director of Federal Programs and Terri Walters, Counselor, can be reached at

Aline-Cleo Public Schools Foster Care Contacts are Barry Nault and Terri Walters who can be reached at 580-463-2255.


Lunch Prices are as follows.
Elementary Student:     Breakfast: $1.60     Lunch: $3.00
High School Student:     Breakfast: $1.60    Lunch: $3.00
Reduced Students:     Breakfast: $0.30     Lunch: $ 0.40
Staff:     Breakfast: $2.50     Lunch: $ 4.25
Adult Guest:     Breakfast: $4.50     Lunch: $ 4.50
Milk: $0.50


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